WangFu Smart Home Solutions
Protect and Connect You with Your Home

An App That Remotely Controls Home and Office Space


Mobile / Tablet / Panel / Voice Control

Energy Conservation

Less Energy Consumed


Intelligent / Personalized / Customized


Fewer Emissions/No Pollution

Intelligent Environment Control System

The fundamental need of smart home is the Intelligent Environmental Control System (IECS). WangFu Technology’s Intelligent Environmental Control System (IECS) provides the leading interior environment solution for smart homes; this latest advanced technology enables each home user to set up and manage their home environment.

Our innovation is to build a healthy, comfortable, safe, convenient and energy saving home environment, with customized ventilation and filtering system. WangFu Technology’s Intelligent Environmental Control System is capable of accomplishing these innovative ideas.

Multi-Function Smart Home/Office Space

Intelligent Air Purification and Ventilation System

Continuous delivery of fresh air.

Intelligent Water Quality Monitor and Treatment System

Ensures the safety of water supplies.

24-Hour Intelligent Disaster Alarm System

Ensures personal safety and protection.

24-Hour Intelligent Security System

Ensures property safety and protection.

Intelligent & Temperature and Humidity Control System

Provides a warm and comfortable indoor environment.

Intelligent Curtain, Window, Lightning, and Background Music Control System

Fulfills a variety of scene needs.

Intelligent Community Service & Intelligent Life Service

You can safely avoid hazards; fire, water, natural gas leaks and more.

You can easily obtain fresh and clean natural resources, air and water.

You can comfortably rest and remotely control at ease; Home.

WangFu Smart Home Solutions Protect and Connect You with Your Home

Home, as the essential unit of care. WangFu smart home solution helps in achieving… interconnection between the security of the community and individual houses.

the intelligence of communication services, property payments, parking, and visitor interactions.

medical supports, food deliveries, travel reservations, insurances and other intelligent supports.

diversified social relationships among neighbors, friends, colleagues, and family members.

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Beijing WangFu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in May 2016, located at the First Overseas Students Pioneer Park, Beijing, China. The company has a great number of high-tech R&D employees with postdoctoral experiences and master’s degrees. The team has extensive knowledge and expertise in fields such as computer science, automatic control, mobile communication, mobile internet, mobile terminal, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and environmental science. Until now, the company has established an online and offline sales marketing system with a base located in Beijing that centers on production, research, and development. Additionally, the company has established offline product experience and delivery stations in many Chinese cities and provinces, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui, Shanxi, Hebei, Hubei, Guizhou.

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